Lemony! Lavender!

Blue and Green with Litsea cubeba for a lemony scent, and classic Lavender with a little sparkle on top. Bespoke for a friend.


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Studio day!

Making soap, filling orders, making lists, doing inventory… come over and make stuff!!


What? Already?

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Studio time will be limited due to work constraints.

There is still time for Cold Process soap, but that window will close soon. Melt and Pour, lotion, balm, and other bath and body can be made in a day or two.

Email to schedule your Maker sessions. alicia@annabellaandcompany.com

Falling into the Cold…

The studio is calm and clean right now – but with the flurry of fall and the gifting season not far off it won’t be quiet for long.

Book a Maker’s Session with some friends, or “Create a Stir” during which you’ll stir your creativity into lotions, balms, creams, and more.

Sunny and warm. Enjoying paperwork on the patio. Lilacs are starting to fade, but there are still enough for big and little bouquets. This is the kitchen window. The beautiful glass and shell sun catcher is from Creative Spirit Glass on Etsy.



Lilac Soap?


The four lilac trees are all a’bloom. I keep bringing in bouquets to put around the house – the scent is incredible. And they are so beautiful.

I ordered some Lilac fragrance oil from Bramble Berry to make soap with, and am hoping to get a batch made this weekend. All lilac fragrance oils I’ve ever tried  have accelerated trace something awful, but this one is supposed to be better. And it smells very authentic!

I’ll put up process photos and pix of the finished soap as the project progresses.

It’s cool down in the studio!

Wow. It’s been so hot! Very bizarre for mid-April. But the wind is up and the clouds are blowing in – maybe even a thunderstorm tonight.

No matter how hot it gets outside and in the house, the basement studio areas are very cool and nice. A creativity-inspiring space for the hottest days of summer to come.

The lilacs are still going strong and the rhododendrons have joined them in gorgeousness. I can lie in bed, look up and see mounds of pink rhodies with deep scarlet throats. So beautiful.

The Garden Reveals Itself

One of the most wonderful things about the first year at The Cedars is watching the garden reveal new treasure with each season. There are four lilac trees – one light purple, two dark purple, and a white one which is lagging behind. A beautiful bouquet.



How do we get those great color swirls in cold process soap? There are so many ways to swirl, from the most random in-the-pot swirl to the most precise and complex compound swirl. It takes inspiration, planning, and practice!
I like to start with small batches, and sometimes what you think is a disaster turns into a new technique.




Things are getting creative around here…

It’s been a long time coming, and the studio spaces at The Cedars are ready for action. Sewing, fiber art, jewelry, and – of course – soapmaking! Annabella and Company’s new home has lots of space for all the things I love to do. And room to teach, too! Right now, I’m taking appointments for private and small group lessons. Scheduled lessons will be announced here and on social media.