blossoms are a memory... precious rose soap happy soapmakers calendula soap so many colors!

blossoms are a memory...

fall into soapmaking!

precious rose soap

French rose buds and rose absolute - exquisite

happy soapmakers

fun with friends

calendula soap

just poured and topped

so many colors!

Getting ready to swirl...

Cold Process

IMG_3667Although daunting at first, cold process soapmaking is ultimately a simple process.

Melt and Pour

IMG_3525Melt and pour soapmaking is a nearly instant gratification process. And the creativity potential is limitless.

Bath and Body

IMG_1532_2From simple lip balm to exquisite face cream, learn to supply yourself and your family with luxurious necessities.

Creativity Workshops

GroupProjectFor yourself, or a group of friends, spark your inner artisan.